Invisalign Touch Ups

You might be wondering, what is “touch up”?  Think of touch up as limited treatment of the alignment of your teeth.  Limited treatment is when a patient chooses not to undergo comprehensive orthodontic treatment resulting in an ideal bite and finish.  Sometimes patients will elect to have limited treatment because they desire a shorter treatment time, less treatment expense or a less involved treatment plan.

Limited treatment with Invisalign touch up is defined by up to one set of 10 upper and 10 lower Invisalign clear aligners.

Ten upper and lower aligners can provide a great improvement in the alignment of your teeth, however the end result may not be perfect depending on how much misalignment you started with.  If you wear your aligners the recommended 22 hours per day during treatment, your result will be better.

We understand that some patients may be working within a limited budget or have an upcoming event or time constraint, so we are offering a limited treatment option for those patients.  We look forward to caring for you.

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